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I am ridiculously pleased to announce that I will be publishing not one, but two books next year. One, you probably already know about, is DELETE – the final instalment in the SHIFTER series – which will be coming out in August.

The other is a brand new young adult book, called GLAZE, coming at you from all angles via Jurassic London and Amazon White Glove (more on this in a bit).

GLAZE is a techno-thriller about the ultimate social network and the 15-year old girl, Petri Quinn, who gets banned from it before she even has a chance to get hooked up. In her desperation to be a part of the network, Petri takes darker and darker paths, till she learns the true cost of belonging to GLAZE. (You can read the blurb here.)

I started writing GLAZE (originally called Panopticon) when SHIFT first went on submission. It addressed a lot of my personal concerns about the addictive nature of social networks, about the balance of power and control in the media, as well as my obsession with emerging technologies. But when I got a three-book deal for SHIFT (hurrah!) I had to put it aside.

When I returned to it a couple of years later, it became clear that the world had moved on pretty damn fast and a lot of the stuff I had been predicting had come to pass. The social network in GLAZE is accessed via a chip in the brain that creates an optical overlay – and I’d written it before I’d heard a thing about Google Glass. The first chapter features a riot in London – and it was written long before the London riots.

In re-working the book, I realised I was going to have to move fast with GLAZE if it was going to stay topical.

Now, I love traditional publishing – and I always will. But there is one thing that traditional publishing is not very good at. And that’s moving fast.

So, instead of sitting around and hoping for a traditional deal, I decided that it would be really interesting and exciting to self-publish GLAZE. It’s a book about disrupting the establishment after all.

I was all set with my plan, and discussing the pros and cons of going it alone at a book launch when I got chatting with Jared Shurin of Pornokitsch fame. He liked the sound of the book and asked if I would like him to beta read it. I was delighted – Jared has a reputation for a keen eye and brilliant editorial input, so who better to beta read for me? I jumped at the chance and whizzed the draft straight over.

A few days later, I got an email in my inbox from Jared with the first line:

“Welcome to the terrifying world of my enthusiasm.”

Jared really liked GLAZE and was interested in publishing it with Jurassic.

I was bowled over. I wanted to do something disruptive and there are fewer more disruptive imprints out there than Jurassic. I have drooled-over copies of THE LOWEST HEAVEN and THE BOOK OF THE DEAD at home. They sure know how to produce a beautiful book.

But I was also really keen on the idea of self-publishing, just to see how it all worked. So, after a bit of faffing from me, we negotiated a rather innovative deal where Jurassic got the rights to a limited edition, while I got to do the ebook and paperback myself via Amazon White Glove (a programme open to agented authors only).

And there we are. GLAZE will be coming out this May.

First in glorious limited edition with Jurassic London (you can read Jared’s announcement here). And then via Amazon in ebook and print formats.

As well as Jared, it’s being edited by the brilliant Amy McCulloch – ex Voyager editor and now editorial director at Puffin (who better to edit a YA sci-fi book?!).

It will have a stunning cover designed by Regan Warner – one of the best art directors in adland. (I’ve seen early versions of the cover and I’m so excited to share it with you.)

And I have lots of other exciting stuff planned.

GLAZE is about the power of social networks and I would love to use it to test that for real. Which is where you, lovely reader, come in.

If you’re an author who likes the sound of GLAZE and would like to read it – and maybe even say stuff that could go on the cover – then get in touch!

If you’re a blogger, who perhaps liked my previous books and would like a review copy, or to host an interview or guest post – then get in touch.

If you’re a wonderful human who likes the idea of someone zigging while the rest of the world zags, then you can help by tweeting, facebooking, Binging or whatever else you feel like doing to spread the word.

I’m going to need all the help I can get if I’m going to pull this off. And I will be eternally grateful to all of you for any and all help.

So that’s it. You, me and a book. Let’s do this thing!

I like how she’s basically doing up yours motion there.

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