News about Delete

I’ve been sitting on this news for months, anxiously waiting for everything to be signed before telling you all, but I am DELIGHTED to say that the final in my Shifter series, Delete, will be published in January 2015 by Xist Publishing.

Calee Lee, Xist CEO, approached me soon after the news about Strange Chemistry broke. We chatted, clicked instantly, and her publishing strategy for the book was exactly what I was looking for.

Xist Publishing started in 2011 to bring books to the touchscreen generation. Originally a children’s publisher, they had been planning on expanding into the YA market. And when they heard about Strange Chemistry’s closure they saw a golden opportunity. They’re hungry, so switched on and I am ridiculously happy to have found a new home with them.

Calee Lee, Xist CEO, said, “We’re thrilled to launch into the YA market with Kim Curran’s Delete.  We want to make sure than fans get the end of this superb trilogy and look forward to bringing more great books to older readers.”

I want to thank everyone who has sent messages of support while everything with Delete was up in the air. And special thanks to the readers who’ve messaged wanting to know when it will be out. Knowing that there are people out there looking forward to reading it has kept me going. HUGS AND MUFFINS FOR YOU ALL!

Delete picks up after my very cliff-hangery (not a word, just go with it) cliff-hanger in Control:

The country is at war. Beset by enemies within and without. And all because of the decisions changed by one boy, Scott Tyler. In this ravaged alternative world, Scott hardly recognises himself. He’s a war hero, a leader of a unit of Shifters and maybe the only one who can prevent the country’s frail defences from crumbling. But all Scott wants to do is find a way back to the reality he knew, without losing the girl he loves. With every Shift he makes, Scott edges closer towards oblivion. With no one to trust – not even himself – how much is he willing to risk to get home?

What people are already saying about Delete.

Laura Lam, author of the Pantomime series and upcoming False Hearts, called Delete, “An adrenaline-packed conclusion to an excellent series.”

“With the groundwork set for an epic conclusion, Delete promises to be every bit as exciting as its predecessors and I simply can’t wait to read it! Give it to me now! I need it!“ – Waterstones Bookseller.

I can’t wait for you all to read it. So here’s to a very exciting 2015!