Introducing #teamnice

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, as is my wont, about niceness. About how there’s not enough of it in the world. About how being ‘nice’ is equated with being a pushover. How nice girls never win. And nice guys always come last.

And there’s a temptation to just accept that’s how things are and to toughen up and become less nice and more of a dick.

Well, you know what, screw that. I’m here to bring niceness back.

It started with a necklace I bought from Black Heart Creatives.

And when I tweeted it, the awesome Kate Neilan (aka @magic­_kitten) grabbed the idea and ran with it. And before you could smile at a stranger, she’d started a campaign to bring more niceness and kindness into the world. And then other people started to get on board. And now, #teamnice is a thing!

And you can get involved here:

And before you roll your eyes (yes, I can see you) and think forget that, I’m happy being a dick, know this: being kind is scientifically proven to make you feel happier. So really, it’s an incredibly selfish thing to do!

So, come on, join us in #teamnice – a celebration of kindness and inspiration to do nice things wherever possible.