Delete Pre-order and Blog Tour

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DELETE is coming out on March 31st! Along with a new edition of the first two books in the series, SHIFT and CONTROL. So if you haven’t had a chance to grab them all, you can pre-order them now. UK peeps hereUS peeps here. (Keep an eye out for the new design to make sure you get the new versions, rather than the old ones which will be out of stock soon)

Also, amazing Faye Rodgers – the PR powerhouse behind my GLAZE Blog Tour, is back on the case, so prepare yourself for yet another Blogopocalypse!

If you’d be interested in having me pop by your site, head over on Faye’s site and let her know (if you haven’t read the first two books and you’d like to, just let us know in the sign up). Otherwise, spreading the word about when DELETE and the other books are coming back would be amazing.

It’s such an enormous relief to finally have the release date. And I want to thank everyone who’s got in touch for your excitement and your patience. Not long now!

7 Responses to “Delete Pre-order and Blog Tour”

  1. dillon rhodes says:

    hi, i followed the link and it showed a kindle edition, will there be a paperback copy?

    • kimcurran says:

      Hey, yes there will be paperbacks editions. They’re not showing up on at the mo, but I’m sorting it. Thanks! :)

  2. Jesse Beatty says:

    I pre-ordered this book the day I could. Sad that I couldn’t get a paper copy. Hopefully I’ll be able to get one later. I’m just super excited that it is going to be published, FINALLY!! :)

  3. Lynda Davies says:

    Hi Kim,

    We live in Australia and were given copies of Shift and Control by a good friend who lives in the UK. My son loves the books and wants us to source a copy of Delete. I have tried many sources here in Australia and all are saying that they cannot obtain a copy because the book is out of print. Please advise best way for us to get copy here (apart from asking same friend to post us a copy – which I will do if there is no other way). I note your blog entry above talks about UK peeps and US peeps…. Please dont’ forget us in Australia :)

    Cheers, Lynda

  4. Jay says:

    I sincerely hope that you have started on the next book: Alt ;)

    Seriously though, congratulations on the launch of this!!!

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Delete Pre-order and Blog Tour

DELETE is coming out on March 31st! Along with a new edition of the first two books in the series, SHIFT and CONTROL. So...

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