Hey, I’m Kim Curran, YA author and creative director based in London.

I’ve written six books for young adults, including Slay, Slay On Tour and The Shifter Series.

I was nominated for the Sydney J Bounds, Best Newcomer Award, 2012, and my short story, A WOMAN OUT OF TIME, was selected for the Tiptree Award Honor List, 2014. In addition to writing fiction I have worked as an advertising copywriter for 20 years. Specialising in youth marketing I’ve worked for some of the world’s largest brands and charities, from EA to UNICEF.

I frequently run workshops and deliver lectures on writing at schools and universities and you’ll often see me popping up at literary events and conventions.

My greatest achievement was when Tom Baker of Doctor Who fame said a script I wrote was funny. He was being paid.

I am represented by James Wills at Watson, Little.



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