PETRI QUINN is counting down the days till she turns 16 and can get on GLAZE – the ultimate social network accessed via a chip in the brain that is bringing the whole world together into one global family.

But when a peaceful protest against the government turns into a full-blown riot with Petri shouldering the blame, she’s handed a five-year ban and thinks her life is over before it’s even started.

Desperate to be a part of the hooked-up society, Petri finds an underground hacker group and gets a black market chip fitted. But this chip has a problem: it has no filter and no off switch. Petri can see everything happening on GLAZE, all the time. The crushing flow of random information swamps her senses, pushing her towards madness. Until she starts to see patterns beneath the noise and chaos. She starts to see how the network, and the man behind it, are changing people. Controlling them.
Petri is faced with a choice. Join GLAZE… or destroy it.

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Praise and reviews

“Kim Curran presents a chillingly realistic social media nightmare in this energetic sci-fi adventure”. – Juno Dawson, author of Say Her Name and Clean.

“In Glaze, Petri is a strong heroine, desperate to be part of the hooked-up society, only to discover that it’s not the paradise promised – quite the opposite, in fact. Glaze is reminiscent of authors like Scott Westerfeld, yet Curran has a voice all her own, and she’s one of the strongest YA writers in science fiction today.” – Laura Lam, author of Pantomime & Shadowplay.

“Curran’s writing is smart and sharp and full of big ideas. With GLAZE, she asks “What if?” – and she doesn’t flinch as she shows us an answer…” Lou Morgan, author of Blood and Feather & Blood and Feathers: Rebellion.