When your average, 16-year old loser, Scott Tyler, meets the beautiful and mysterious Aubrey Jones, he learns he’s not so average after all.

He’s a ‘Shifter’. And that means he has the power to undo any decision he’s ever made. At first, he thinks the power to shift is pretty cool. But as his world starts to unravel around him he realises that each time he uses his power, it has consequences; terrible unforeseen consequences. Shifting is going to get him killed. In a world where everything can change with a thought, Scott has to decide where he stands.

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UK: Ebook, Paperback / US: Paperback, Ebook

Praise and Reviews:

“Curran’s debut is a fast and funny mind-bending trip. The potentially confusing concept of shifting is nicely handled, and the mystery’s reveal is tantalizing. Realistic British teens and a couple of completely creepy villains make this sci-fi thriller a must for genre fans.”
Kirkus Reviews

“A hi-octane, timey-wimey thriller. It’ll blow your mind!”
Juno Dawson, author of Say Her Name and 

“Unless you can Shift, make the right choice now and read Kim Curran’s exciting debut. There is no reality in which you won’t enjoy this thrilling adventure. It’s like the best kind of video game: full of fun, mind-bendy ideas with high stakes, relentless action, and shocking twists that not even a Shifter could anticipate!”
E C Myers, author of Fair Coin

“SHIFT is ingenious: what if every decision was malleable, every regret an opportunity? In her debut novel, Kim Curran handles these mind-bending concepts with a deft hand, showing us she is truly a bold new talent to watch.”
Adam Christopher, author of EMPIRE STATE and SEVEN WONDERS

“It’s slick and quick with just the right amount of squick, and the central premise unfolds satisfyingly.”
Tom Pollock, author of The City’s Son
“Decide to read Shift and you won’t be wishing you could take the decision back!  A brilliant premise, written with great clarity and skill by an incredibly talented author.  Once you pick it up, you won’t be able to put it down.”
Bryony Pearce, author of Angel’s Fury

“Shift is exciting, funny, clever, scary, captivating, and – most importantly – really, really awesome.”
James Smythe, author of The Testimony and The Explorer

“Kim Curran has crafted a sci-fi horror shocker packed with all kinds of cool stuff.”
Patrick Doud, Author of The Hunt for the Eye of Ogin and The Mornith War