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  1. Yinka says:

    Hi Kim

    I am a 28 year old adult who read a signed copy of Slay that my 15-year old Neice loved and urged me to read- I loved it too! Made my daily commute so much more enjoyable- can’t wait for slay 2! When will it be published?

    Many thanks

    1. kimcurran says:

      Sorry for delay! Thank you so much for your message!! Slay 2 will be out in January.:)

  2. Michaela Machin says:

    Kim, I really enjoyed your book, it was very intriguing. I love the plot twist and I am very excited about Slay 2. Only if it’d come out sooner.

    One of your biggest fans,


    1. kimcurran says:

      Thank you,Michaela! And sorry for the very late reply!

  3. angel says:

    hi i am a weather head high student and can i ask you if i can i have a picture because it is once in a lifetime chance also, i am very excited as i am buying slay for my sister as an xmas present! i am a girl with pink leopard glasses but i have never ever met an author in reality hope i get a chance to see you on friday ! hope you message back soon!

    1. kimcurran says:


      Of course you can have a photo! I look forward to seeing you,and your pink leopard glasses!

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