I was born in Dublin and moved to London when I was seven. I got my first typewriter when I was eight and had a poem I wrote about a snail published in the parish magazine. From then on, I was hooked on writing.

I went to Sussex University to study Philosophy and Literature, with the full knowledge that the only preparation it would give me for the real world was an ability to think deep thoughts about being unemployed. I was rather surprised when, just a week after graduating, I landed a job as a junior copywriter with an ad agency. Twenty odd years later, I still work in advertising, now as a Creative Director specialising in youth marketing.

I have written six novels for teenagers, including the chart-topping Slay. And when I’m not doing all of that, I frequently run workshops and deliver lectures on writing at schools and I’m a popular guest at literary events and conventions. My greatest achievement was when Tom Baker of Doctor Who fame said a script I wrote was funny. He was being paid.

I live in London with my husband and appear to be the only writer I know who doesn’t own a cat.

Loves writing. Hates having pictures taken.

Loves writing. Hates having pictures taken.