School Visits

The greatest privilege of being an author for young people is the chance to go out and meet them to discuss writing, reading and often what my favourite cheese is!

I offer either full days or one-off sessions and charge in line with the Society of Authors. If you want more information, please get in touch.

They’re not here to see you, you’re here to see them.
— advice I was given by an amazing librarian on my first school event.

Working with you

Below are some of my prepared talks and workshops, but I am happy to work with you to adapt to the needs and objectives of your school. I can also deliver a careers talk to about my job as a Creative Director in the advertising industry for Y11+.

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How to slay your writing demons – an hour-long talk that will fire up those who already love narrative writing while giving those who are less excited by the prospect of putting pen to paper the tools they need to make crafting stories simpler.  Y7-Y9

Embracing Girl Culture – why does the world tell girls what they love isn’t as important as what boys love? I’ll explore these themes while also empowering children to forget about ‘write what you know’ and learn to write what you love.  Y7-Y9

How Reading Will Save the World – An adapt of my Patron of Reading presentation on the power and importance of reading for pleasure.  Y7-Y9

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The Five-Finger Pitch – a rapid-fire workshop on the five elements needed to come up with new plots and how to craft a one-line pitch to sell them. Y8-Y9

Mash-ups – what can either be a warm-up game or a workshop where children mash up two things they love to create an original story. Y7-Y8

Roadblocks – a number of practical tools to help overcome blocks in writing. Y9-Y11